Thinking Cap ft Eleventy Million

by Suntonio Bandanaz

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From the Seattle resident "American Gangster Nerd" that brought you town anthems; "Boogie Up The Block" and "Future Of The Now" prepare to experience the hottest NEW Seattle MUSIC "THINKING CAP" by Suntonio Bandanaz ft Eleventy Million of BIG #'$ (twitter @11TMillion ) 2014 #ThatThat #ThinkingCap


Song Title: Thinking Cap©
Song Credits: Written/Performed by
Suntonio Bandanaz
Prod. by Sam Paye

Hook & 1st Verse

Helmet on because I'm special.
Helmet on because I'm special.
Got my helmet on because im special.
That's my special mix
that that that that
That that that
Thats my special mix
I'm that that that that that

Got my helmet on because I'm special
Smoking on some of that special
At the happy hour; drink special
2 for 1; That Special
Delivery,... Special
Any time I'm doing something that's special
Call and audible because that's special
Everybody get on the floor and get special

1st Verse
They thought their cadence was special?
NO!! Especially opposite. Not a bit cognitive.
You're a restaraunt chefs special
(Eat em)
I'm gonna get you sucka! Thats special
Made for TV... specials
(Peep em)
Like a mini series when they get to hear me
Its a limited edition on pay per view
Long before lithic to history altering narratives.
Documentary Special
At the movie matinée special
Get me clearance and a rack
And I'll get to choppin, ladies get to gawking like they're window shopping. We're fixing to get it Poppin to infinity and beyond light years ahead of these fools with the raps. (Buzzed) At the farmers market I'm special
That's freshest produce on special
And;... I'm hotter than a habanero with the Haller's of the honorable mention
On my mob with a mission because I've got that purpose and vision
Im going to be that man with the planning special and its coming together.



2nd verse (Eleventy Million)
While downloading your breakfast special app Cerial Rap imperial cap jewel drop head crack crown get everybody jumping in the same place and pancake the whole town so down I'm subterranean HOT! And theyre knowing dang well they can't hang with him!
First time membership specials
Fools started trying to rhyme like yesterday from an order online special looking for a return investment & try and earn some extra you'd better learn some flexing because if you're rapping Hella weak? I'm going to burn your texture with an earnest lecture it concerns and vex you when I serve and check you with the words I'm Tesela
You know you're dealing with a ninja of the forces special with the voice electric I'm the choice selection.
I Haller velocities mach speed. So Haller me velveta or don't Haller when I see ya'.
I kinda like being mentally challenged
savant status
Trona and Bandanaz

ASCAP 2014


released August 28, 2014
Song Title: Thinking Cap©
Song Credits: Written/Performed by
Suntonio Bandanaz
Prod. by Sam Paye



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